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  • Someone who isn’t ready to invest their time, energy & money
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Alright before we continue let me introduce myself

and also give you a brief background of my affiliate marketing journey.

My name is Ododo Margaret

I am an architect/affiliate marketer (usually fondly called


I started my affiliate marketing journey in march 2021 when i got the 72ig course by Toyin Omotosho

I didn’t take the business serious until July/August.

As at the time i had site projects

(I’m an architect) so i had to find a way to combine both affiliate marketing and my job as an architect.

By september 2021, i had made only ₦110k in total as an affiliate marketer.

My turn around came one holiday when i decided to dedicate more time to my affiliate marketing business.

Immediately I took this decision, that month i made double the amount i had ever made from affiliate marketing

I was shocked at first but i began to discover what i was doing wrong

Fast forward a little bit todecember 2021, I had made ₦475k in under 30days!

See proof below 👇👇

I did not stop there

January 2022, I smashed my previous record of 475k and made 1 million in less than 30 days!

April, i smashed my record again, this time around it was 2.5million!

I did not stop growing, i moved from smashing monthly goals to weekly

580k in 1 week 👇👇

820k in 1 week 👇👇

Now why am I showing you all this?

I’m showing you this because i want you to know that i was once where you are too

I did not start making millions in my first month but gradually and steadily i grew

I went from receiving no payment alerts to receiving payment alerts every single friday of the week!

Like since 2021 up until now, I’ve received payment alerts every single week, meaning i make sales every week that passes

See proof below 👇👇

Imagine if you’re making atleast 300k every week for a start

How much will that mean to you?

"But Maggie I’ve tried and failed"

Yes I know,

I understand the feeling that comes with failure because I too have failed before.

It has never been a bed of roses

I know how it is difficult to process all the overwhelming information and that is why:

I have compiled the exact strategies and steps that took me from no sales to steady sales every week

This same strategies gave me my first couple of sales when I had just 40 whatsapp viewers

I have broken everything down in such a way that even a two year old can understand

All you need to do is copy and paste my exact strategies and smile to the bank

Take a look at some of the the things I have packaged into my Copy & Paste Blueprint


A Guide to making ₦100-300k in the next 3-4 weeks of getting my strategies. I used this strategy to make my first 110k with just 40 WhatsApp contacts.

Value - ₦10,000


Ready-made scripts you can copy and paste to reply customers and handle all their objections. These scripts gave me sales without having to beg any customer.

Value - ₦5,000


A Guide to making ₦100k consistently every week.

Value - ₦7,500


All my past recorded classes with my students for FREE.

Value - ₦30,000


A Guide on how to monetize your instagram and how to set up a professional bio that will attract customers for FREE.

Value - ₦3,500


You’ll be added to my 24-Hour AFFILIATE BOOTCAMP community group for FREE.

Value - Priceless


You’ll have access to all my LIBRARY Of Books for FREE.

Value - ₦50,000


To the FIRST 25 AFFILIATES to register will get a one-on-one call with me for FREE.

Value - ₦10,000/hour


100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE if you don’t see results in the next 90 days.

Value - ₦10,000

Once Again this is all you'll be getting if you grab the copy and paste strategies now...

You will be getting:

In this section I'll be showing you the basics when it comes to Webinars, guiding you on…

  • A Guide to making ₦100 - 300k in less than 4 weeks. Value - ₦10,000
  • Ready-made scripts to reply prospects and handle all their objections. Value - ₦5,000
  • A Guide to making ₦100k consistently every week. Value - ₦7,500
  • All my past recorded classes with my students. Value - ₦30,000
  • A Guide on how to monetize your instagram. Value - ₦3,500
  • Access to my 24-Hour AFFILIATE BOOTCAMP community group. Value - Priceless
  • Access to all my LIBRARY Of Books. Value - ₦50,000
  • FREE one on one call with me.Value - ₦10,000/hour
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. Value - ₦10,000

The Total Value of everything you will be getting is over ₦150,000 

But if you’re among the first 50 lucky Affiliates, you can get the copy and paste strategies for just:

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2022 I made a lot of millionaires, this year once again I’m out to make more millionaires

“If you can learn and diligently apply all I have packaged into my copy and paste strategies, I can guarantee you will end 2023 as a millionaire and I’m not bluffing!”

This is not a marketing gimmick to get you to purchase the copy and paste strategies

It is the simple and sincere truth because what i’m handing over to you today is the same system that made me over 30 million in sales last year

Listen to what ANYA OGBE  one of my latest millionaire student has to say about me

Trust me when I say my copy and paste strategies will help you make good money

“Henry a digistem affiliate applied the strategies in my copy and paste strategies and made $75 in 5days!”

See what Mrs. Sadiketu has to say about my mentorship

Still in doubt?

Just take out your time and read through these testimonials

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If you want to live life on your own terms then stop sulking about low sales and do something about it today!

I made this decison towards the end of 2021 to change my sales game for good and its been bliss since then

I’ve been to 3 different countries for vacations and I’ll be going to another country this year for vacation with one of my top students

Take a look at some pictures from some of my trips

Want to change your sales game, live like a boss and travel the world as you wish?

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You may be wondering, why is she giving away all this for this cheap?

Yeah I know all this is incredibly cheap 

I made it so because I understand that as a struggling newbie you may not have much  since you’re still struggling to make sales

So the price is actually my own way of contributing to your growth

So make sure you take advantage of the price slash before it goes back to ₦20k!

What Top Experts are saying about me

Chigozie Mmebo

I promise you. You are in good hands.

Meg, as I fondly call her, is one of those people who consciously dedicate their time to ensuring that everyone is carried along. No matter your level.

If you are given the chance to work with her, grab it immediately! She is one of the Best in the business.

Toyin Omotoso

Margaret is one of the most dedicated, HONEST, and intelligent internet marketing experts I know. Emphasis is on HONEST.

I got to know her in 2021 based on her exceptional results as one of the top affiliates for my 72IG product.

As her mentor, I've seen her grow very fast while adapting to innovative strategies for success.

Another thing I admire about her is her unique commitment to sharing her knowledge with others in a simple way.

This makes Margaret an excellent internet marketing coach, and I'm confident that anyone looking to succeed in internet marketing will find great value in working with her.

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