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SALES Challenge 3.0!

Greetings, AMCPS Affiliates!

Here Is Another Opportunity to Win Cash Prizes, IPhone 13, A MacBook or A Trip to Mauritius

In the Next 4 Months Of Our Affiliate Marketing Copy & Paste Strategies (AMCPS) Challenge…

Before I became a vendor, I was among the top affiliates who won multiple challenges, like a trip to Rwanda, Seychelles, and Dubai, I also won a MacBook and Cash prize.

And from experience I can tell you this..

Competition and Challenges bring the best out of us because it helps you get creative and helps you hit your goals faster.

Therefore, I have decided to host a competition to bring out the best in you.

Within the next 4 months (from March 27th to July 27th, 2024), you will have the chance to win one of the following prizes from the sales competitions:



20 Sales — [ ₦26,000 ]

When you make 20 sales,

You get - ₦26,000

45 Sales — [ ₦56,000 ]

When you make 45 sales,

You get - ₦56,000

60 Sales — [ ₦76,000 ]

When you make 60 sales,

You get - ₦76,000

100 Sales — [ ₦126,000 ]

When you make 100 sales,

You get - ₦126,000

200 Sales — [ Contents Tool-Kits + ₦126,000 ]

When you make 200 sales,

You get - Contents Tool-Kits + ₦126,000

So you just need to hit any of these targets within the next 4 months, and you’re a winner.



500 Sales — iPhone 13

When you make 500 sales,

You get - iPhone 13

600 Sales — IPhone 13 +  ₦126,000

When you make 600 sales,

You get - IPhone 13 +  ₦126,000

OR You can decide to take it further..


If you can make 1,000 sales from From March 27th to July 27th, 2024, you will win a MacBook Air Laptop


When you make 1,650 sales - You win a Trip to Mauritius


When you make 2,000 sales - You win a Trip to Mauritius + IPhone 13

So you just need to hit any of these targets within the next 4 months, and you’re a winner.

(March 27th to July 27th, 2024)

I believe anyone who is serious and puts in the work required, will surely win any of the challenges listed above.

The Affiliate Marketing Copy & Paste Strategies (AMCPS) is currently listed on Expertnaire, Stakecut, Digitstem, Finxpire and Earnac. Any sales you made from any of these platform counts. 

Let’s say you made 200 sales on expertnaire, 100 on Finxpire, 200 on stakecut and 100 on Digitstem, That will be a total of 500 and you got yourself a Brand New IPhone 13 and an additional 126,000 naira.

I have won multiple challenges in the past and the secret to winning any of these challenges above is you getting massive leads every day.

Let’s say your goal is to win the Grand Sales Challenge which is the MacBook - 1,000 sales.

Your goal should be getting at least 1,250 leads every week and 5k leads in a month and 20k leads within 4 months of the challenge. If you are able to convert 5% percent of the 20k leads within 4 months, you’ll have 1,000 sales or even more.

You can see that winning the Grand Sales Challenge is very possible if you put in the work required.

What do you say? 

Are you ready to win?

If the answer is yes, then next is putting in the work to win.

I look forward to celebrating with you.


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Margaret Ododo.

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